Embody Values. Inspire. Motivate Change.

We attempt to embody the values, aspirations, interests,

attitudes, and the opinions of our group and culture.

We seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people to spark change.

You have your own identity based on your choices,

experiences, and background.

Let us help you express yourself.


About Us

Cannabis Wear was created by a Veteran to help dissolve the stigma that surrounds cannabis and its users. A very tiny step, we know. However, every action counts. Our founder is not one to wear a giant cannabis leaf on a shirt that says "chronic" or a shirt that has a cartoon character or celebrity smoking a joint (not that there's anything wrong with that). However, on a quick run out to a home store, he threw on a shirt from a local dispensary. The shirt has a very generic design, but other people "in the know" or people that shared the same lifestyle were striking up conversations and sharing information on local growers, dispensaries, and preferred methods. So, he set out to design a tasteful logo and a (relatively) tastefully designed clothing line that a 45-year-old woman or man can wear to a kids soccer game.

(maybe not everything)

So buy a shirt and contribute to the chain of events. Then Linda down the street sees your shirt and tells you that she uses cannabis as well. You would have never known, but your tastefully designed shirt allowed Linda to open up and you were able to share knowledge. Now Linda buys a sweatshirt and wears it to BINGO. It turns out Alice and a few others are cannabis users as well. They all buy shirts. The next thing you know, you find out there are way more people that are pro-cannabis than you may think. Baby steps.

  • Lots of Happy Customers

  • World Class Quality

  • Great Customer Service

Lots of Happy Customers

World Class Quality

Great Customer Service